Mellochfest 2018 @ Bassy Club, Berlin [18. April]

Mellochfest 2018

20:00 - 07:00

Bassy Club
Schönhauser Allee 176 a, 10119 Berlin
8MM Musik presents:
Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe
The Underground Youth
more tba
DJs: Anton Newcombe, Olli 8MM, Fuckin Oscar Valentine, Peter Magnüm

Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe return to the big stage for a one off performance at our final Mellochfest at Bassy. We last saw Tess and Anton live together in Berlin in 2015, so it might be a while before the likes of these two come around again.

The Underground Youth: Started in 2008 as the creative project of Craig Dyer, The Underground Youth's discography explores a blend of darkly cinematic psychedelia and raw post-punk music.

Bechamel: We just saw these guys at 8MM two weeks ago and they blew our mind so we invited them on over to Mellochfest. Bechamel are a four-piece garage-punk band based in Berlin. Salty, creamy and smooth since 2017

Chikiss aka Galina Ozeran: Russian singer -songwriter, composer, producer and synth diva. Over the last ten years she has recorded a remarkable range of music — from contemporary piano and electro-acoustic pieces to nostalgic synth-pop songs, shoegaze, noise-rock and trippy electronic avant-pop — her latest release 'New Season' is out now on Not Not Fun Records and we are very happy to welcome this hypnotic performer to the Mellochfest side stage.
The Wire Magazine says: «Chikiss’s music is dream pop turned inside out, just as Filthy Hun are inverting space rock and Swanox are pouring acid down Americana’s gullet.»

It is of course a bittersweet event for us, as not only does this mark our 50th 8MM Musik Night, but with Bassy ostensibly closing forever and ever in May, it will truly mark the end of an era. Expect one goddamn sloppy hell of an afterparty at 8MM.

we will be announcing a lot more the coming days, once we get it just right. Tickets are sold out, but naturally we saved a few for 8MM regulars which will become available at the bar in person a week or two before the show. so don't blow it.

Since you're dying to know, this is what we've been up to the last 49 8MM Musik Nights…

1 26.06.06 Singapore Sling, Powers
2 26.07.07 Powers, ET Tumason
3 18.10.07 The Melmoths, Honey And The Greek
4 22.11.07 Swearing At Motorists, The Virgin Tongues, Julia Hummer, Look Baby!, The Melmoths
5 30.1.08 Singapore Sling, The Virgin Tongues, Honey And The Greek
6 28.4.08 Tarwater, Eagle Boston, Zulu Pearls
7 11.8.08 Singapore Sling, Eagle Boston, Index
8 25.11.09 The Blue Angel Lounge, Sun And The Wolf
9 27.1.10 Josh T Pearson, #1 Lucky Laughing Panda (Spacemen 3/Stereolab), and Zulu Pearls
10 24.02.10 The Blue Angel Lounge, Lost Rivers
11 24.5.10 Spindrift, C.W. Stoneking
12 25.8.10 The Sun And The Wolf, Fredovitch, They Shoot Horses
13 21.10.10 The Blue Angel Lounge
14 30.11.10 The Serious Matters (members BJM), The Third Sound
15 16.2.11 The Sun And The Wolf, Admiral Black, Kadavar
16 30.3.11 Dirty And The Girl Scouts, Fredovitch
17 10.5.11 Dead Meadow, Spindrift
18 30.8.11 Camera, Strange Forces, Mystical Communication Service
19 21.9.11 Oscillation, An Emerald City
20 26.10.11 Jimmy Trash, Kadavar, Third Sound
21 25.1.12 Sun and the Wolf, Ecke Schönhauser, Jack November
22 15.4.12 The Blue Angel Lounge, ET Tumason, Dee from Dum Dum Girls
23 18.4.12 The Oscillation, Kulku
24 15.8.12 Naam, Kadavar DJ set
25 6.9.12 The Dum Dum Girls, Velvet Two Stripes
26 12.9.12 The Telescopes, The MOQ
27 16.4.13 Psychic Ills, Delta Love
28 22.5.13 Sun and the Wolf, Camera, Fredovitch, Snøffeltøffs, Suns of Thyme, Wichswut
29 26.8.13 Cosmonauts, Alpha Waves
30 9.10.13 Asteroid #4, Suns Of Thyme
31 22.10.13 Indian Jewelry, History Of Colour TV
32 6.11.13 Ian Svenonius @ Platoon
33 26.11.13 The Holydrug Couple, Delta Love
34 10.12.13 Cavern of Anti-Matter, Nappa
35 22.1.14 Suns Of Thyme, Snoffeltoffs
36 21.5.14 The Oscillation, Golden Animals
37 4.6.14 Cosmonauts, POW!, Suzies Ashes
38 22.10.14 DYN, Emma Acs, Levin Goes Lightly
39 20.5.15 Mellochfest: Camera, DYN, The Loranes, Jimmy Trash + Big Daddy Mugglestone, Alex Lipinski
40 8-23.09.18 Synästhesie I: The Warlocks (US) Crocodiles (US) Lumerians (US) Magic Castles (US) Soda Fabric (Israel) Brahma-Loka (UK) Jawbones (Berlin) Sick Horse (Berlin)
41 10.12.15 Josh T. Pearson
42 19.12.15 Escape-ism (Ian Svenonius), Olivia Neutron John
43 9.3.16 The Brian Jonestown Massacre
44 22.3.16 Kadavar, The Oscillation, The Underground Youth
45 15.6.15 Mellochfest: The Memories (White Fang/Burger Records), The Third Sound, DYN, Franz Bargmann
46 16.-17.9.16 Synästhesie II: Michael Rother plays NEU! & Harmonia & Solo Works, Cavern of Anti-Matter,
The Warlocks, Tess Parks, LeVent, Jawbones, Gunman & The Holy Ghost, Mediciine Boy
Sun & The Wolf, Snøffeltøffs, Dead Rabbits, Flavour Crystals
47 15.1.17 Jawbones, DYN
48 10.5.17 Mellochfest: Maraudeur, Cozmik Onion Express, Aporia, Harvey Rushmore & the Octopus, Teenagers on Drugs
49 19.11.17 Synästhesie III: The Horrors, Tangerine Dream, Camera, PINS, Jakuzi, Balagan
50 18.4.18 Mellochfest: Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe
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