Advanced Radical Honesty Retreat | Berlin @ Die Farm e.V., Berlin [vom 4. bis 7. Juli]

Advanced Radical Honesty Retreat | Berlin

4. - 7.
19:00 - 21:00

Die Farm e.V.
Dorfplatz 3, 12526 Berlin, Germany
Advanced Radical Honesty Retreat | Berlin with Marvin Schulz & Jura Glo. For Honest Creators of their Lives!

So you practiced some Radical Honesty in your life and want to polish and refresh your honesty skills? Do you want to dive deeper into the community of Radical Honesty and explore personal and communal benefits that go beyond the surface of communication?

If YES, join our Advanced Retreat near Berlin.

This retreat is designed for practitioners of Radical Honesty who have attended at least one weekend workshop with a trainer and want to continue the work with important people in their life.
You haven't done Radical Honesty yet? Join Radical Honesty Weekend Retreat | Berlin.

So, If you feel drawn to have more supported implementation of this interpersonal meditation, this retreat is for yo.

In this retreat, we primarily focus on community building by fine-tuning the way we express ourselves within the group: how do you ask for what you want? How do you get what you don’t want? How do you create the reality for yourself that serves you and how you sabotage your relations?

In this retreat we offer you support in gaining and maintaining an on-going grounding in the present moment experience and the ability to quickly move past obsessive thinking into deep connection with your surroundings.

Further, we support you to integrate parts that you have been hiding from yourself by doing hot-seat work.

As a result of the retreat setting, we will spend more time on personal interactions and go beyond resentments and appreciations to uncover a wider spectrum of experiences. Find the curriculum of the Radical Honesty Weekend Retreat | Berlin on which the Advanced curriculum is built.

You will leave this retreat with new honest friends, uncompromising inner comfort to be as you are, lightness of being and more clarity on how to become a powerful creator of your own life. If this is what you’re looking for, sign up.


DATES: July 4-7, 2019

TIMES: Thursday 19:00 o’clock to Sunday 21:00 o’clock (including 18 hours of the curriculum).
The closing of the workshop is on Sunday at 18 o’clock, please don’t plan your departure before that time).

Early Bird: 390 EUR + EV fees until May 20th.
Retreat Price: 450 EUR + EV fees thereafter.
*Pay directly to Jura and skip Eventbrite (EV) fees. Details find here:

Shared Accommodation (optional): 15 EUR/person/night, 5 EUR/person towel and sheets
Vegetarian home-made Food (optional): 15 EUR/person/day, 3 meals/day incl. Thursday welcome dinner. Please bring in cash and pay at the end of the retreat.


We invite you to spend the weekend at Liebeskunst – a truly loving and loveable community just outside of Berlin. The space is perfect if you’re looking for an escape from the busy city life, leave your phone behind, relax and reconnect in nature, purify your emotional and physical body with sauna, outdoor meditation, and evening fire. Bring an instrument if you have!

You can either sleep over at the venue house with us, or get back to the city, which is just 30 minutes away. But given that we have our own sauna, garden, and plenty of space outside to enjoy the warm summer nights of July, you would not want to do that, would you?

On top of our regular curriculum, we will include communal evening activities to make the most of this unique opportunity to practice honesty in nature.

Marvin Schulz, Radical Honesty Trainer
Marvin Schulz is a Life Artist, he has published a book, writes poetry and produces music. He has lived with and learned from Radical Honesty founder, Dr. Brad Blanton. He has radically changed his life from being a consultant for multimillion corporations in New York into being a free noticer and designer of his life, actively involved in Radical Honesty work as a trainer. On the side, he has worked with shamans in South America and made other mind-altering experiences.

«I think most human suffering and depression is caused by a lack of close connection to fellow human beings. Once we start opening up to the world around us–tell our story, express ourselves directly, and share our thoughts and feelings–we can create a future of our own design. I want to help you acquire the necessary tools for sharing yourself honestly with the world, get over past hurt and upset, and learn to stay in the present moment while working towards a happy future.»

More information about Marvin on

Jura Glo, Radical Honesty Trainer Candidate
Jura leads Radical Honesty in Berlin practice groups since 2014, as a result spreading the philosophy and practice to her home country, Lithuania. Since 2015 she worked and learned from the master trainer Taber Shadburne, founder of R/evolutionary R/elating and Church of Soul (California, the U.S.), whose work is often defined as Compassionate Radical Honesty.

Jura has a gentle and calm way of leading workshops that support people in complete relaxation and evokes deep meditative states that bring powerful insights and transformation. She is often called a wizard of human behavior & people gatherer. Jura includes therapeutic bodywork, dance, movement and conscious touch in her work. Her workshops often end up in consensual cuddle puddles and/or massage circles.

She is a Personal & Relationship Coach, Tantra Massage Therapist certified by Somananda Tantra School, Experienced Workshops Leader and Event Organizer. She is a founder of a visionary organization TransformWork — Workshops & Retreats that aims to create spaces of transformative nature for people in order to establish and export a new culture for living, working & relating.

People have everything today, but Connection… Join our Community of Conscious Creators ♥ | TransformWork | Radical Honesty Berlin
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