Klippenziege : Imagination - The New Era of Gin @ Kaduka Berlin, Berlin [16. Februar]

Klippenziege : Imagination - The New Era of Gin

19:00 - 03:00

Kaduka Berlin
Weserstraße 207, 12047 Berlin, Germany


" Everything you can Imagine is real " — Pablo Picasso

" Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere " — Albert Einstein


Ofelia Grey

«Ofelia Grey is a Berlin-based lithuanian artist and cabaret circus performer, specializing in juggling and live drawings. Her works have a dark and mysterioustaste, combined withmelacholy, surrealism and poetic view of the world, mostly dominated by fish and sad antropomorphic figures, symbolizing the saddness and mix of cruelty and tenderness of the inner and the outer world of the artist.»


Shingo Ali Masuda

Shingo Masuda is a Japanese kanun player, born in Osaka in West Japan.

Shingo has been part of the World Music Oreum Concert in Jeju Island, South Korea such as a member of 奈良楽譜 (Nara Score).




Zoe Mercury (Astrology Lecture)

“Astrology is an ancient coded language that tells us about the energetical currents of nature, the world and galaxy we live in and are part of. We are inevitably intertwined with our surrounding, even with that surrounding light years away from us, and in a constant process of mutually influencing and transmuting each other.

Astrology can predict your own soul’s weathers, just like meteorology predicts the planet’s weather. You can be prepared for the storm or you can have it hit you by surprise, the choice is yours. The different planetary energies come into our lives at different times and require us to act in a certain way. Understanding how the universal energies around us work and cooperating with them instead of fighting them can change a great deal in your life.”

In this Talk, Zoe Mercury will share insights with us about the current astrological energies, what the lessons are on a collective level and how we can best use them in our personal life.



Patrick Hüttlinger, born 1976 in Southern Germany.

Patrick acquainted himself with cultural diversities and their distinct regional ornaments, yet choose to concentrate on a more universal approach of tattooing through the usage of mathematical and geometrical designs. The application of these pattern formations derive from natural phenomena, such as the reaction-diffusion mechanism.

Principles of proportional harmony, seen in numbers and shapes, are the very definition of beauty and can be seen as the quintessence of aesthetics. Exploration and utilization of this infinite source of inspiration is significant to my artwork and personal interests.

A symbol, which first appeared to him as a carved bone pendant, has appeared twice in his life; outside the linear space-time-continuum. It has evoked an unusual sense of attraction and familiarity, yet its cultural and religious origin remains unknown.

Deeper investigations have lead him to the discoveries of seven fundamental geometrical proportion systems; being immanent in it, expressing its sense of balance and harmony and inherently express the concept of universality.

With additional synchronicities and visionary confirmations to follow, he named the symbol sakrosankt, in reference to the universal and unchangeable laws of geometry inherited by natures creations.

Sacred Geometry has the cosmic quality of being ‘light language’, speaking to us on a transpersonal level, thus being the predestined tool in my attempt to unveil the mysterious conundrum surrounding the sakrosankt symbol (which by now became the central theme point of my artistic attention).

His aim as its mediator, is to include it with his artwork, to create awareness and ultimately to bring it into being via conscious art projects which support environmental work.


Elijah Elpenor, a wordsmith and vocalist whose obsession with the sonic influences of linguistic expression lead him into labyrinthine clauses and absurd explorations of metaphysical ideas.
«Automatic» by Elijah Elpenor: https://youtu.be/alE2tFkKLDY

Bard Baitman, a poet and performer whose existentialist musings descend from the lofty heights of philosophical thought to sully themselves in the mundane nature of all things human, emotional, and imperfect.

«Pacman of Sensory Stimuli» by Bard: https://youtube.com/watch?v=a4kaHgApD3o

Hannah Kiel, a dancer and observer who listens to the world around her and uses herself as a catalyst for all that exists within the interactions that make up communication.
A collection of Hannah's dance videos can be found on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/314082741

For our drink lovers we'll offer u a very special & unique Gin Cocktail Menu made with Klippenziege Gin, if you don't like it you don't pay for it, and we will drink it. Voila!!!

Doors: 7:00 pm
First show and poetry: 8:00pm

Dress Code: Cabaret, Fetish, Circus, Bizarre, Elegant.
Feel Creative, it's time to Celebrate!!!
Follow your IMAGINATION!!!
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