Conscious Touch for Couples - Permission to Be, Love & Feel @ Neuraum Tanztherapie in Berlin, Berlin [6. April]

Conscious Touch for Couples - Permission to Be, Love & Feel

19:00 - 23:00

Neuraum Tanztherapie in Berlin
Herbertstraße 13 corner Kollonnenstr 3, 10827 Berlin, Germany
Conscious Touch for Couples is an intelligently designed Tantra workshop for Berlin tribe — to open up arms, minds, and hearts to experience Love, Connection, and Pleasure!


How often do you touch yourself? How often do you touch your partner?

Do you know what you really like? Do you know what your partner really likes?

Do you know how to give it to each other in a way that is complete, healing and orgasmic?

Would you like to learn the secrets of a mind-blowing orgasmic whole body healing touch? Would you like to explore it with yourself and your partner?

This is a flow workshop for couples which focus is to explore the spirit of connection and play with a conscious touch — a consensual, slow, filled with attention and loving healing TOUCH you probably have never experienced before. The workshop is for couples only.

Don't have a partner? Come to one of the HONEST Dating Night Berlin!

We flow in with emotional release, shaking of daily struggles, shame, guilt, and sexual frustration as a result connecting to our own body. We'll dive deep into SELF-PLEASURE RITUAL, connect to the source of our LOVE, explore our SENSES with the partner and after a short introduction to WHEEL OF CONSENT, we'll move towards the final practice — CONSCIOUS TOUCH.

The experience of ritual and flow creates a safe space to explore. You'll be encouraged to COMMUNICATE your boundaries and desires. Jura Glo will be holding space to come back to your heart and share conscious healing/sensual/sexual/what-you-make-of-it touch. It's ok if you are feeling insecure about it, not sure, not ready… Slowing down will support you in stepping out of your thoughts and allow yourself to surrender.

This workshop is for all gender identities and all types of mono and poly entanglements.

All consensual.
You are free to explore as much as you feel comfortable. No need to go beyond boundaries unless you wish for it.

We agree to take full responsibility for our experience, TAKE CHARGE OF OUR REQUESTS AND RESPONSES. The group's confidentiality is one of the agreements we'll take before we start the workshop. Difficult or uncomfortable conversations can be facilitated in the Radical Honesty manner in after the workshop.

Please bring a comfy warm BLANKET for yourself.

Wear comfortable clothes to move and sweat.

The workshop is designed to be sensual. Vulnerability is encouraged and emotions are welcome.

95 EUR for TRIAD

REGISTRATION online via Eventbrite

OR by making a direct bank payment and sending the message here:

MAX 18 people, please reserve your spot.

The door opens at 19:00 o'clock. We start at 19:15, please plan your trip to be on time.

Any questions, suggestions, concerns address to Jura via email workshops(at)

ABOUT Jura Glo
Jura is an experienced transformational workshop leader. She specialises in Radical Honesty, Conscious Sensuality and Tantra Yoga. She is a founder of a visionary organization TransformWork which focus is on creating safe spaces for people to explore and discover new and forgotten ways of being with each other. She supports people in transitioning in life. Her work is radical, sharp in precision and when approached with an open mind is extremely effective. After working together, people report radical changes in their lives and unusual level of happiness and content. They report feeling more free, honest and courageous in asking for what they want, starting new relationship and job. Their relationships got simpler and acquired more depth and fulfilment. They changed their attitude to life and work and developed new habits that serve their sensing well being.

“I'm here to live the life of quality and integrity and serve my surroundings as I go. I'm here to live from the inside out, to receive and to give, to take care of myself and care for others. I'm a walking breathing revolution in action and I'm here to support you in your transformational experience. I bring out change in others with my presence and actions. I'm a surgeon with the gift of a sharp perceptive mind, I'm a mother with my loving and caring nature, I'm a wounded warrior with a great sense of injustice, I'm a lover and creator of the new paradigm, designer of my World, and you are welcome to join. Openness is the key!”

Want to know more about Jura? Find her work here: | TransformWork — Workshops & Retreats | Radical Honesty Berlin |


Marcos Buch article on his experience in the workshop

«I never felt so much joy and lightness. I never experienced myself so free in my expressions and interactions with other people. I appreciate you for your guidance of the exercises. The agreements we made, made a profound difference to me. I noticed a new sense of empowerment I have never experienced in a workshop setting or in general being around people. So much gratitude and appreciation. Thanks full-heartedly » — Christian Brugger
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